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App Development

Full-service development of highly polished business and consumer apps for the web, iOS, and Android.

We employ a wide variety of technologies and programming languages, allowing us to choose the best fit for each project.

Extensive experience and knowledge in desktop, web, mobile, and database technologies.

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Digital Publishing

Publishing for e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and the web.

We specialize in digitizing published materials from a variety of formats, preserving formatting and layout, while taking advantage of the electronic medium.

Output to industry standards such as .epub and .pdf, as well as custom formats designed for faithful and fluid representation on screens of various sizes and resolution.

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Text and Data Processing

Analysis, conversion, data mining, and retrieval of unstructured and semi-structured data.

We specialize in all aspects of digitizing documents, including ensuring OCR accuracy, indexing, and retrieval.

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Featured Product

PowerSefer, an award-winning app for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices that has transformed the study of Talmudic literature for thousands of users.


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